Notice: why I have not posted articles in the last few days

Dear Readers,

I have not posted articles in the last few days, more precisely since 8 September, and I apologise for that lull to those of you who were looking forward to read my opinions or enjoy the architectural photographs on Romanian period buildings. That was due to some severe allergy symptoms triggered by an insect bite, encountered during one of my field days, and the treatment for it. We had a unusual tropical weather in Bucharest this summer and the local urban environment resembled a city of a much more southern latitude, with all of what implies in terms of new insect and other type of fauna (snakes of many species for examples are now usually encountered on the outskirts of Bucharest, a rarely heard of fact until recently). The climate change is around happening and many of us have thus first hand experiences of its consequences. Anyway, the situation is now under much better control and I endeavour to jump start again the regular postings.

Best regards,

Valentin M. (expert in historic houses)

8 comments on “Notice: why I have not posted articles in the last few days

  1. I was actually worried a little bit. Glad to hear from you. I had the pleasure to visit Bucharest this summer. I and fell in love with the city instinctly. Such a beauty of architecture and the history of it, absolutely charming.

    Nothing beats a walk around the old town while listening to Romanian Rhapsody.

    Best regards


    • Thank you Robin for the nice thought and wishes! This corner of Europe is surely undergoing a climate change, we started to have even tornadoes in the plains around Bucharest, these kind of events were an occurrence during the time of the Roman Empire last time…

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